For Ordering Online:

 We greatly encourage the use of our website for not only your shipping orders, but also for in store pickup orders as well! The options for in store pickup are available upon reaching checkout at


 For shipping Orders:


  • Insulated shipping is available for most frozen products. During the SUMMER MONTHS, frozen items are shipped separately from dry goods. Frozen shipping is only available for states within a 2 business day delivery zone depicted in the UPS Shipping Map below. 

  • To get the best value out of shipping your frozen goods we recommend purchasing 4-6 frozen goods (or 3 large boxes of pies) as this will allow you to fill the insulated box to its best potential with product and ice.

  • Frozen shipping is done with the use of insulted boxes/wrap and ice packs. Material costs for insulated delivery range from $15.00-$20.00, per box, depending on thermal variables. (Additional shipping charges may apply based on variables such as weight through the UPS system)

  • Once you complete your online order for frozen goods, we will reach out to you regarding the additional cost for your shipping. Regular methods of contact are email and phone. 

*** Frozen goods may not arrive frozen, but generally arrive at a refrigerated temperature. For this reason Taste of Britain is not liable for the integrity of frozen goods upon arrival.

Shipping frozen goods is at the risk of the customer. ***

  • For reference: a shipping test using our insulated materials shipping frozen meats and pies from Georgia to Texas, using standard UPS Ground shipping, resulted in the average temperature of items upon arrival to be approximately 35 Degrees Fahrenheit.

 Customers are welcome to order bread-based items such as: scones, crumpets, Mr. Kiplings products, and loaves of bread for shipping anytime.

 To ensure the best delivery method, all orders are shipped through the use of UPS. This allows us to provide our customers with quick and safe delivery of their products.

 Generally, once orders are placed, they are shipped within 1-2 business days of placing your order. The only exception to this would be in certain circumstances of shipping frozen goods / goods that can melt in hot weather over the weekend. If these goods are shipped out at the wrong time, an order may sit with UPS over Saturdays and Sundays where the integrity of the frozen products / goods that can melt could be compromised. If there is ever any delay required for your order you will be contacted prior to processing your shipment.




General Shipping Times:

Based on UPS Scheduling, the following graph depicts the ESTIMATED delivery time of orders once shipped out by 2pm on standard business days. This graph shows ideal circumstance delivery times which are generally accurate, however if we are informed to expect delays or have concerns about keeping perishable goods in constant transit, customers who have placed orders will be notified prior to their order being shipped.


** COVID-19 may affect shipping times due to possible unexpected occurrences outside of our control.

At this time most customers have not experienced any delays.


FOR GEORGIA and ALABAMA customers: Generally, if your order is shipped out Monday-Thursday, your order is expected to arrive NEXT DAY.



Return & Refund Policy:


For customers who wish to make a return the following applies:

  • For Gift-ware Purchases: once the items are not damaged, returns are allowed within 30 days of your purchase. Gift-ware items are also available for exchange within the same time frame.
  • No returns/refunds are given on any food items once purchased. This applies to in store and online purchases.
  • Shipping charges are nonrefundable.
  • Please call us at 770-242-8585 or write us at if you would like to inquire about a refund for an order you have placed.


Customer Feedback:


As Atlanta’s Premier British Shop, serving our customers for over 30 years, we love to hear from our customers. Whether you have placed on online order or would just like to enquire about products, please feel free to write us at to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.